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EQ Body Wash by EQ Solutions Horse Foamer Foaming Tool Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo
EQ Solutions Body Wash Shampoo 100 ozFoamer Foaming ToolCowboy Magic Shampoo 32 oz

All natural, foam on, readily biodegradable wash for horses and other domestic animals

A proven time saver - It's so easy! A great gift idea too

Magically yet gently wash away dirt and sweat with this rosewater herbal shampoo




Shapleys MTG Original Mane Tail Groom Plus 32 oz bottle Show Sheen Hair Polish and Detangler Curry Washer with Shut Off Valve
Original Mane Tail Groom MTG Plus 32 oz bottleShow Sheen 32 oz SprayerCurry Washer with Shut Off Valve

The same great formula but with a new herbal fragrance. A time-tested solution to both skin healing and hair growth. Works great for Rain Rot

America's #1 hair selling hair polish! Buy the best!

Complete with SHUT OFF VALVE. A handy little washer that attaches to hose for continual water while you lather and bathe




Plastic Curry Comb Aluminum Sweat Scraper
Plastic Curry Comb BrushSweat Scraper

Sturdy teeth for tough dirt removal

Aluminum sweat scraper is a great grooming aid for water and sweat removal