Walls Stirrups Twisted Slanted Aluminum

Walls Twisted Slanted Aluminum Stirrups
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TWISTED SLANTED Aluminum Stirrups in 2 inch or 3 inch tread by SA Walls aka The TWISTER Stirrup

3 inch are sold out and due to the overwhelming rise in the wholesale cost, we will not be restocking after the 2 inch are sold out. Within the next 2 months we will have a new supplier of the twisted slanted stirrups.

SA Walls has been at it again and this is his most innovative idea yet. This new stirrup takes the headache out of breaking in fenders and having your ankles bend in because of stiff stirrup fenders. The TWISTER stirrup neck allows the rider to have the break in feel of turned fenders as the STIRRUPS are twisted for you!

This stirrup is twisted. The inside arm is tilted toward the head of the horse, and the outside longer arm is tilted toward the rear of the horse. This helps give you that "turned fender" feel.

The TWISTER also has the Slanting concept that puts your foot parallel with the ground. This really helps take the torque out of your knees and ankles, and allows for the natural alignment of your hips and legs which provides therapeutic comfort on those long trail rides. Many people state it helps keep their foot flat in the stirrup without losing a stirrup in a barrel or pole run.

And, if you do lose this stirrup, it makes it easier to find due to the twist.

Inside Neck width: 3 inches. Sold in pairs. Handcrafted in the USA! They come with a lifetime guarantee.

Pictured below is the 3 inch twisted slanted light oil. They are stamped "Left Inside" and "Right Inside" to assist with putting them on your saddle correctly. That is as you are sitting in the saddle.


Hello. I ordered stirrups that were twisted and slanted with a 2 inch tread last week. I just wanted to say that your stirrups are so helpful. I just had knee surgery and couldn't ride for over 30 minutes because my knee would be too sore. The weekend I received the stirrups, I rode at a rodeo without getting off, barrel raced, went pole bending, and we went on a trail ride afterwards. Your stirrups are amazing and helped me so much. Thank you for making them. - Kalyn

"I've been barrel racing for 20+ years and these are the best stirrups ever. There's no pressure on your knees & ankles."  Brian Langworthy, NBHA World Champion

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