5 Star Saddle Pad Black 3/4 inch Brown wear leathers

5 Star Western Saddle Pad
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  • Manufacturer: 5 Star
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5 Star wool saddle pad in a 3/4 inch thickness with BROWN wear leathers

All the same great benefits as our other 5 Star saddle pads but this pad is 3/4 inch thick (1/8 inch thinner than our other 5 Stars which are 7/8 inch).

Thickness: 3/4 inch with brown wear leathers 

Size: 30 inches width x 28 inches long, square skirt

Color: Black

Please note: Backorders drop ship from 5-Star


5 Star 100% Wool Contoured Saddle Pad is the BEST PROTECTION FOR YOUR HORSE'S BACK

The world's finest, all natural 100% wool contoured saddle pad, specially designed to fit the shape of your horse or mule's back. Unique, two-piece construction eliminates spinal pressure and improves saddle fit---no over-cinching.

5-Star's Contoured Pad is the ORIGINAL western contour saddle pad with a true French Curve backline and withers slope. Special attention is given to wither height, backline variance and hip placement which results in a GREAT FITTING SADDLE PAD that CONFORMS to the shape of your horse or mule. This conscious effort in design has produced a pad that fits most breeds of horses and mules without "break-in" fitting.

Top quality, pressed, high density 100% WOOL FELT is the base pad component, with 5-6 oz. wear leathers on the sides and top line. This wool felt is manufactured to strict specifications, using the highest quality virgin wool (90%), blended with recombed wool (10%) which allows for the highest degree of protection and economic benefit.


  • Contoured, conformed fit
  • 20% less cinching needed
  • All natural, 100% wool felt with 40% MORE virgin wool than ANY other 100% wool pad
  • 3x more compression protection than synthetic neoprene pads
  • Even Weight Distribution and impact absorption
  • 4x greater wicking ability
  • Eliminates heat build-up
  • 2000+ hours of maximum riding protection
  • Soft and durable, easy clean up
  • 90% virgin wool

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