Booma Rein Keeper - keeps your horse reins from falling

Booma Rein Keeper
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  • Item #: 3756-3762-Booma
  • Manufacturer: Circle Y
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No more lost reins! The Booma Rein keeps your horse reins from falling!

So they're always in reach!

It tethers your reins to the pommel/swell on your saddle.

Booma Rein is a new innovation that will keep your horse reins coming back! The Booma Rein is made of a durable and flexible polyproplyene and is adjustable, so it will fit any horse and accommodate any rider. No matter what type of riding you do, a Booma Rein will make your ride safer, more convenient and more enjoyable! You'll always have a peace of mind knowing you can't lose the reins.


The Booma tethers the reins to the pommel/swell on the saddle, so no matter what, they will always be within reach. It attaches with an O-ring (included) for trail riding, training or every day riding. The O-ring can be removed so that you can attach directly to the rein for barrel racing and other high intensity riding.

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