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Black Braiding Rubber Bands Brown Braiding Rubber Bands Shedding blade with rubber handle
Braiding Rubber Bands BlackBraiding Rubber Bands BrownShedding Blade

Black rubber braiding bands make braiding mane and tail easy

Black rubber braiding bands make braiding mane and tail easy

Stainless steel spring grooming blade with non-slip rubber handle




Burr Out Brush Mane and Tail Comb Horse Head Comb
Burr Out BrushMane Tail CombHorse Head Comb

Features 17 tapered teeth that are slightly offset to make quick work of burr removal

Made of unbreakable poly and comes in an assortment of colors. Works great on horse or human!

Groomers Choice comb with fine teeth for final touch-up




Plastic Curry Comb Curry Washer with Shut Off Valve Curry Comb Jumbo Reversible
Plastic Curry Comb BrushCurry Washer with Shut Off ValveCurry Comb Jumbo Reversible

Sturdy teeth for tough dirt removal

Complete with SHUT OFF VALVE. A handy little washer that attaches to hose for continual water while you lather and bathe

Covers 40 percent more area than regular curry combs - 5-1/2 inch diamete and reversible




Reversible Metal Curry Comb Decker Horse Brushes Decker Natural Bleached Tampico Brush 50
- SOLD - Curry Comb Small ReversibleDecker Grip Fit Grooming Brush 31Decker Grip Fit Grooming Brush 50

4.5 inch diameter reversible metal curry comb

Medium soft, great all around brush covers more area reducing the time and effort of grooming

This Natural Soft Tampico Brush is designed for that extra touch in finishing




Decker Grip Fit Grooming Brush 90
Decker Classic Palmyra GRIP-FIT Grooming Brush 90

Works well wet or dry. Perfect for brushing up after a dusty ride