CV80D Farm Dairy Horse Pony Fly Spray

CV80 Farm and Dairy Fly Spray Aerosol
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  • Manufacturer: Country Vet
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CV-80D is the best combination of great economics and better fly control. It utilizes a Dimethyl Ether propellant and 8 to 1 Pyrethrin to synergist ratio for better efficacy and product cost.

0.50% Pyrethrins; 4.0% PBO, fastest knockdown and kill. Better particle break up and efficacy. Dimethyl ether-based.

Kills and repels house flies, barn flies, deer flies, stable flies, mosquitos that carry West Nile Virus and more.

Use as a premise spray or directly on animal.

USDA F-1 rated for food areas. Contains no CFCs.

Size: 18.5 oz. aerosol

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