Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask

Cashel Crusader Quiet Ride Fly Mask
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  • Manufacturer: Cashel
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Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask without Ears

Color: Black
Size: Standard Horse
With the same design and quality as the Cashel Crusader pasture fly mask, the Quiet Ride is sheer and translucent to allow your horse to see clearly without impairing his vision on the trail.
The Quiet Ride can be worn either over or under the bridle and is light weight, comfortable and nonrestrictive. 
The Quiet Ride gives you confidence that your horse is protected, by reducing insect driven head tossing and giving you a much quieter, safer ride. Perfect in areas where nose flies are prevalent.
"MUST HAVE" for summer riding!
Reviewed By:  Robyn (Bedford, IN) 
The Cashel Crusader Quiet-ride fly mask is one of the best purchases you can make, especially when you want to have a more enjoyable ride during the summer. Your horse still has all of his/her ability to see clearly, but no longer has to toss or shake his/her head constantly to keep those pesky flies off of their face! I swear by this product to ALL of my horsey friends. It really is a great buy. Trail riders would probably be especially thankful, since bugs seem to be worse in the woods than the arena.

Reviewed By:  gail (coulterville, ca) 
This mask is well worth the $, the fit works nicely and is durable. i use mine when riding or training as it gives the horse good visability

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