Corona Ointment 14 oz jar

Corona Multi Purpose Ointment
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Corona Ointment for animals uses antiseptic emollient action to promote the healing of minor cuts, lacerations, scrapes, rope burns, wire cuts, harness and saddle sores, chapping, dry skin. For horses, cattle, small animals and pets. 30% Lanolin.


  • Keeps affected areas soft and supple.
  • Soothes chapped or sunburned muzzles, irritated udder or teats.
  • The lanolin-rich ointment helps preserve the natural moisture balance of hooves, helping to maintain suppleness of coronary band, horny wall, frog and sole.
  • Protects from drying, cracking and splitting. Supports natural, smooth regrowth of hoof wall.
  • Makes an excellent hoof packing.
  • Useful for treating overreach injuries to coronary band.
  • No gloves needed to apply.

Repeat as needed to encourage natural healing.

For 100 years, Corona Ointment has been protecting skin while controlling its moisture balance for prompt healing. Due largely to its high lanolin content, Corona Ointment adheres well to the skin for long-lasting protection.

Size: 14 oz. jar

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