Decker Grip Fit Grooming Brush 50

Decker Natural Bleached Tampico Brush 50
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  • Manufacturer: Decker Manufacturing
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Decker Showman White Tampico Grip-Fit Grooming Brush #50

Features soft, natural bleached Tampico bristles that are trimmed to 2 inches away from the block. Make grooming easier for you and your horse.

Decker’s GRIP-FIT brush blocks are designed to fit your hand. Ordinary wood blocks disregard the shape and size of human hands. Since GRIP-FIT blocks are molded polypropylene, they can be made in a truly utilitarian, comfortable shape that has to be experienced to be appreciated. The polypropylene block will not rot or mildew and is not harmed by caustic solutions.

Large soft natural bleached white tampico. For that extra touch in finishing. 2 inch trim. 8.5 inch X 2 3/8 inch block. Block design makes these brushes feel narrow and more comfortable than most other brush blocks. Covers more area reducing the time and effort of grooming.

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