Fura Free Sweat and Salve

Finish Line Fura Free
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Finish Line Fura-Free sweat and salve  - Faster wound care with NO carcingens!

FURA-FREE Non-Carcinogenic—No rashes! Heals cracked heels, wounds, burns and abrasions faster than nitrofurazone products. 

FURA-FREE also forms a thinner, more flexible scab, less likely to break open and bleed again.

Best of all, FURA-FREE is nitrofurazone-FREE! Does NOT use nitrofurazone since studies suggest that nitrofurazone has carcinogenic or cancer-causing properties. Read the human carcinogenic warning on the jar of nitrofurazone products: They warn you not to touch the product with your bare hands!

FURA-FREE contains the same type of polyglycol base, which has a very low thermal conductivity, making it an excellent sweat. Since the base is the same, the physical properties during application such as viscosity and softening range are similar also.

FURA-FREE natural ingredients are: Calendula Oil, Thyme Oil, Myrrh Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Balm Oil and Wheat Germ Oil. The 5 essential oils are known for their germ killing and healing properties. Try an online search for "Tea Tree Oil" to pick one of the bunch. Thyme oil contains thymol, a famous germ-fighter. FURA-FREE contains NO nitrofurazone, and is safer for you and your horse!

Promote healthy skin the safe way!

16 oz. container


Directions: Apply as a sweat or over minor cuts and scrapes. For deep or puncture injuries consult a veterinarian.

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