Horse Supplements


B Pozzi's Relax PAste for horses 100cc tube Equinety Horse XL KER Race Recovery Paste
B Pozzi's Relax Paste for HorsesEquinety Horse XLKER Race Recovery Paste

A pre-performance Tryptophan paste that helps horses maintain a normal and relaxed disposition.

Equinety Horse XL - 3 month supply - all natural formula designed to enhance the life of your horse

Paste designed to strategically replenish electrolytes at critical times following exercise




LubriSyn Horse and Dog Joint Supplement LubriSyn Horse Livestock Joint Supplement Gallon LubriSyn HA Plus MSM Horse Livestock Joint Supplement Gallon
LubriSyn Horse Livestock Joint Supplement 64 ozLubriSyn Horse Livestock Joint Supplement GallonLubriSyn HA Plus MSM Horse & Pet Gallon

The key to lifelong joint health for your horse, your dog and other livestock - Includes dosing pump!

Lowest price allowed! Gallon size - Pure, absorable hyaluronic acid - The all natural way to extend your animal's healthy years

LubriSyn HA Plus hyaluronic acid joint supplement now fortified with MSM




Vita Flex MSM U-Gard Ulcer Supplement Powder Mega Sel Gallon
Vita Flex MSM Ultra Pure 4 poundU Gard Powder 4 poundsMega Sel Gallon

192 day supply - Recommended to support and maintain healthy joints

New lower price! Highly effective on gastric lesions! 32 day supply

Unique selenium and vitamin E product vital to the health and performace of your horse




Quaical Paste Finish Line Jailbreak GI Horse supplement Equine Oxy-Boost Plus 80cc tube
Quiacal Paste Finish LineJailbreak GIOxy-Boost Plus 80cc

Aids in prevention of minor nervousness during times of stress, due to B1 and /or Magnesium deficiency

Gives your horse a boost of power and helps protect the GI tract. A probiotic electrolyte paste.

Oxy-Boost Plus gives your horse extra performance when you need it most




Electrocharge Electrolyte Paste Finish Line
Electrocharge Electrolyte Paste Finish Line

Absorbs rapidly and replaces electrolytes in the same proportion that the horse loses in sweat