Leather Therapy Wash 8 oz

Leather Therapy Wash 8 ounce
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  • Manufacturer: Leather Therapy
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Leather Therapy Wash, with its convenient sprayer, easily deep cleans even the toughest dirt and grime problems without hardening or darkening leather. Concentrated micro-suds lift out embedded dirt leaving leather clean with a wonderfully soft feel.


  • Imparts beneficial lubricants to help keep leather strong and supple
  • No need to rinse out -- just wipe off
  • No residual build-up in tooling areas to worry about
  • Biodegradable - Earth Friendly

Directions: Spray Wash on a clean sponge or soft cloth for nomal maintenance. Do not saturate leather. Use light applications of Wash on dirty leather and allow the cleaning ingredients in Wash to lift the dirt. Because the micro suds contain beneficial lubricants, it is not necessary to wipe away all excess. Wash is highly effective cleanser and will do an excellent job cleaning nylon halters, leads, wool pads and galloping boots. A small amount of Wash diluted in a bucket of warm water will safely clean just about anything in the barn. A little goes a long way. Test in a hidden area first. Do not use on suede.

Maintain your leather with Leather Therapy WASH and use Leather Therapy RESTORER periodically. This formula is designed to clean without stripping oils from the leather, and adds back lubricating emollients with each cleaning.

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