Martha Josey Super Knot Barrel Racing Rein Hot Pink/Black pony

Pony Martha Josey Super Knot Barrel Racing Reins
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  • Item #: 3406-ReinMJ-HotPInkBlackPony
  • Manufacturer: JB Braiding
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Martha Josey barrel racing rein - The Super Knot rein is hot pink and black in a pony size which is 6 foot 8 inches.

Has 3 knots on each side and brass conweys on each end. Approximately 3/4 inch wide.

Jerry Beagley designed this rein for Martha Josey, WPRA & AQHA World Champion, to give her extra control while running barrels. These knots are also great to give younger riders a reference point on the rein. (This rein has been copied but never equaled).



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