Martha Josey Super Knot Barrel Racing Reins - Custom Color

Martha Josey Super Knot Barrel Racing Reins
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  • Item #: ReinMJ-SuperKnotCustomColor
  • Manufacturer: JB Braiding
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Martha Josey Barrel Racing Reins - The Super Knot reins - Design your own color combination!

8 foot length with 3 knots on each side and brass conweys on each end. Approximately 3/4 inch wide.

Jerry Beagley designed this rein for Martha Josey, WPRA & AQHA World Champion, to give her extra control while running barrels. These knots are also great to give younger riders a reference point on the rein. (This rein has been copied but never equaled). Made in the USA.

If you need the reins by a certain date (ex: birthday, rodeo, etc) please enter a date in the "Need by Date" space. We will try our best to meet that deadline. We TRY to get custom orders out sooner, but delivery time is approximately 4 weeks on non-stock orders. If you can't wait that long for your custom order, don't order.


Available in solid, 2 color or 3 color in a variety of colors and combinations. Popular solid colors are Black, Purple, Royal, Brown, Orange, Yellow, White. Popular 2 color are Zebra (Black & White), Turquoise & Black, Royal & Black, Red & Black, Yellow & Black, Hot Pink & Black, Brown & Light Pink, Black & Lime Green, Purple & Black.

SEE PICTURE BELOW: Choosing Hot Pink & Black IS NOT the same as Black & Hot Pink. The first color you choose will be the dominant color in the rein. If you want more Hot Pink in the rein, pick Hot Pink as the first color and Black as the 2nd color. If you want the rein to be more Black, pick Black as the first color and Hot Pink as the 2nd color.


1st picture left to right: Black & Hot Pink, Hot Pink & Black, Black & Lime Green, Lime Green & Black, Purple & Turquoise, Turquoise & Purple


2nd picture: All-American (red, white & blue), Pink & Turquoise, Royal Blue & Black, Orange & Yellow, Orange & Black, Solid Yellow, Yellow & Black, White & Black, Solid White, Solid Purple.

3rd picture from the bottom to the top: Lime Green & Pink, Solid Pink, Brown & Pink, Purple & Pink, Black & Pink, Orange & Black

4th picture left to right: Solid Brown, solid Lime, Black & Turquoise, Tan & Hunter Green, solid Navy 

Popular colors we try to keep in stock. We have 70+ pair in stock at all times in varying color combinations. With this many color combinations and this much selection, non stock reins are braided when ordered. Delivery time is 4 weeks on non-stock orders.

Other color combinations to consider: Royal/Orange/Tan, solid Hunter Green, Black/Hunter, solid Brown, solid Turquoise, solid Burgundy, Lime/Orange, solid Orange, solid White, solid Royal, solid Black, solid Lime Green, solid Navy, Lime/Hot Pink, Hunter Green/Tan, Tan/Hunter Green, Orange/Yellow, Royal/Orange, Purple/Hot Pink, Black/Orange/Yellow, Hot Pink/Yellow/Purple, Turquoise/Black, Black/Turquoise, Orange/Black, Black/Orange, Purple/Turquoise, Turquoise/Brown, Black/White/Orange, Black/White/Hot Pink, Lime/Black/White.

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