Reinsman Sharon Camarillo Easy Rider Gag Snaffle Bit 764

Reinsman Sharon Camarillo Signature Shank Snaffle Bit 720
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  • Item #: 3552-764
  • Manufacturer: Reinsman
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Reinsman Sharon Camarillo Easy Rider Gag 764

7 inch cheeks, 5 inch mouth, iron wrapped lifesaver mouth

“This gag design allows a rider to handle a horse without intimidation when more contact is needed for increased control. Can be used in training or competition. The three-piece Signature Iron Wrapped mouthpiece conforms comfortably across the horse’s tongue offering additional control at the corners of the mouth. This gag can be to soften horses laterally for increased bend and flex without stalling forward movement. Works by applying pressure to the lip, tongue and bars with the curb being the last pressure point added; therefore adjust neutrally with one wrinkle and two finger curb.” – Sharon

Leather curb is recommended

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