Reinsman Sweet Six Smooth Sweet Iron Snaffle Bit 745

Reinsman Sweet Six Smooth Snaffle Bit 745
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  • Item #: 2929-745
  • Manufacturer: Reinsman
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Sharon Camarillo sweet iron 3/8 inch smooth Sweet Six snaffle bit with 4 inch cheeks and 5-1/2 inch mouth

The unique design of this bit offers direct control, similar to a ring snaffle, while offering the additional control of curb pressure. It can serve as a training snaffle or as a transition bit for a horse that is ready to move along in the bitting process. Neutral adjustment is achieved when the mouthpiece meets the corners of the horses mouth, with a 2 - 3 finger space between the curb strap. For more aggressive results a wrinkle can be drawn.

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