Stampede String

Stampede string with loop for hat
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  • Item #: HH50
  • Manufacturer: Wild West Braiding
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Handbraided Stampede string with loop - Holds your hat on during barrel runs, trailriding, fly fishing, etc.

Hair tassels on each end.

Tired of paying hat fines during your barrel run? This Stampede String will pay for itself in just 2 runs.

Colors below left to right: Solid black, black/brown, solid brown, brown/tan, black/tan

How it works: You should install one small grommet (not included) on each side of your hat positioned just in front of your ear. If you're in a hurry, the grommet can wait. Push one end of the loop stampede string thru the grommet. Loop it over the hat crown. Repeat with the other side of the hat - pushing the loop thru the grommet, looping it over the hat crown.



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