Tri Tec 14 Fly Spray 32 oz Sprayer

Tri Tec 14 Horse Pony Fly Spray Repellent 32 oz Sprayer
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  • Manufacturer: Farnam
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Tri Tec 14 Fly Spray for horses and ponies

Protects horses against horse, house, stable, face, horn and deer flies.

Combines botanically-derived pyrethrins with cypermethrin to form a fast-acting, long-lasting fly control formula that repels and kills flies and other insects for up to 10-14 days.


  • Combined natural pyrethrins and cypermethrins offer effective fly control
  • Water-based formula won't irritate sensitive skin
  • Powerful, water-based insect control for all horses and ponies. Combines natural pyrethrins with the synthetic chemical repellent cypermethrin to kill insects for up to fourteen days.
  • Added sunscreen helps protect the coat from fading and damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • Kills and repels horse, house, stable, face, horn, and deer flies. Also effective against gnats, mosquitoes, lice, and deer ticks.
  • Helps control insects that spread West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, and equine encephalitis, as well as other diseases transmitted by insects.
  • Won't irritate sensitive skin. Simply mist or wipe over your horse.

Size: 32 ounce spray bottle

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