Weaver AirFlex Cinch Straight Roller Buckle

Weaver AirFlex Cinch Roll Snug Buckle
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  • Item #: AirFlexStraightRoller352410
  • Manufacturer: Weaver Leather
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Weaver AirFlex Cinch with new and improved, patented Roll Snug Buckle

Introduced in 2002, the patented Roll Snug Cinch Buckle immediately took the industry by storm when it was introduced on the Smart Cinch. With its unique two roller design, it gave all riders extra leverage for easier cinching. Ten years and thousands of satisfied users later, this innovative buckle now performs better than ever with an updated design featuring a few tweaks and refinements based on feedback from customers.

  • Expertly-designed roller system now has less play lending stability to the latigo for smoother rolling
  • Contoured lip helps keep latigo securely positioned and guides user for a straight pull every time
  • Thicker, longer buckle tongue with a hooked end helps keep latigo locked in place for added reliability
  • Modern, streamlined design offers a sleek look

The innovative, patented buckle's expertly-designed roller system now has less play so your latigo rolls more smoothly than ever. The unique two roller design of the Roll Snug Buckle pairs with the white cool flex foam of the AirFlex Cinch for the perfect combination of breathability, comfort and performance.

Cool flex foam will not absorb heat like traditional black neoprene. This patented, state-of-the-art performance cinch features a unique airflow channel designthat helps prevent heat from being trapped and maximizes air circulation. Riders of all types will appreciate this cinch's design. Plus, this cinch is easy to clean by simply hosing off after each ride. Padded flex edges move with your horse for extra cushioning and enhanced performance. Non-rust stainless steel hardware


  • Cool flex foam that doesn't absorb heat like black neoprene ensuring the perfect combination of comfort and performance.
  • Padded flex edges move with the horse for extra cushioning where needed.
  • Stays in perfect position when a horse is turning, spinning, cutting a cow or moving quickly.
  • Equal pull design provides equal pressure across the entire cinch to keep saddle snug and maximize equine comfort
  • Feature a black poly top and stainless steel buckles and dees
  • Made by Weaver craftspeople in Mt. Hope, Ohio

Color: Black with white flex foam

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